The washing machine does not take rinse liquid – what could be the reason?

The washing machine does not take rinse liquid – what could be the reason?
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Home appliance failure is something that can spoil even the best day. If our washing machine suffers a serious malfunction, we are doomed to the costs associated with its repair, but also the need for temporary hand washing or the use of a paid laundry

Often we do not know what to do, we call a professional, and the problem turns out to be really trivial. Washing machine’s failure to collect the rinse liquid seems to be not such a big problem. Can we also deal with this situation ourselves?

What to do when a washing machine does not draw rinse liquid?

We reassure you that the cause is usually not so complicated that you need to call the service. When the washing machine does not draw rinse liquid, the laundry does not smell, and the change is easily noticeable. The most common reason is dirt build up in the washing machine or a faulty hose. It is rare to actually need the help of a professional, so we can deal with most things ourselves. It is worth going through the following possible causes to find out what to do in such a situation.

Dirty tray drawer

If your washing machine isn’t working properly, you may simply be dealing with a dirty compartment. The good news is that this is the most common cause of failure. Typically, detergent residue, powder or liquid, is not thoroughly rinsed out by the water stream, lingers in the reservoir until it eventually blocks the flow and the liquid can’t get from the drawer to our clothes. The bad news? Clean the drawer regularly to prevent this problem in the future.

Clogged liquid dispenser

The dispenser is located above the drawer. If it’s clogged, water can’t get into it with enough pressure and thus the liquid won’t be taken out. Cleaning will also help here.

How to clean?

To remove the problem, it is not necessary to use special preparations. In the future, it is worthwhile to regularly check and clean the dispenser (just with plain water and an old toothbrush) and the drawer. Some people recommend citric acid or baking soda for cleaning, especially with difficult dirt

The reason for the accumulation of dirt can also be limescale (here you will need a special filter). Then the washing machine does not take rinse liquid. Accumulated limescale in the dispenser may make it necessary to replace it. It is best to clean it regularly with a thin wire. Do not forget about the gaskets, from under which debris should also be removed from time to time.

Faulty water hose

No water, no wash. Moreover, water supplied to the washing machine must have good enough pressure to be able to take powder or liquid from the dispenser. A clogged strainer can also be a problem and should be cleaned or checked regularly. Unfortunately, in the overload of daily tasks, few people do this.

It is enough to check the condition of the hose to eliminate any possible twisting (which blocks the intake of water), and if this does not help, it is also worth flushing it.

Solenoid valve malfunction

Due to such a malfunction, the water does not flow to the corresponding chamber in the tray drawer, so the liquid cannot get inside the drum. The powder will also remain in the tray. This is not a common problem, but in some models (especially older ones) it can happen and requires a service call. Unfortunately, in this only case we can not cope on our own. It is worth adding that on the websites we can use the consultation with specialists if we are not sure about the severity of our problem.

First of all: do not panic!

As you can see above, the problem with fluid intake does not have to be significant. Before calling a service center and summoning help, it’s a good idea to go over the above causes again: whether the solenoid valve is operational, whether there is contamination in the drawer, whether the water supply hose is working as usual and whether the dispenser is clogged.

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