What material bedding to choose from?

What material bedding to choose from?
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Good bedding is as important as the mattress we sleep on. It will provide us with a healthy and restful sleep. What material will be the best?

Many people buy bedding, focusing mainly on patterns and colors of pillowcases. This is a mistake, as the most important thing is what material it is made of. And the choice is really quite large. 

Linen bedding – ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

People struggling with asthma or allergies should bet on natural linen bedding. Linen has become very popular in recent years. Linen bedding is certainly a slightly higher expense, but it is worth considering that it will certainly serve for years. Be sure not to use strong chemical detergents when washing, which could weaken or even damage the fabric.

Cotton bedding – the most popular, but is it the best?

For years, the most popular bedding is the one sewn from cotton. It’s natural, and it doesn’t need to be ironed (although you can), it wicks away moisture very well – the pluses are plentiful. All this translates into a better quality of sleep. In addition, bedding sewn from cotton is perfect for any season of the year, as it sensationally retains heat and guarantees adequate air circulation. Cotton bedding is also quite affordable. However, when buying it, make sure that the fabric is without unnecessary artificial additives, which could weaken its quality. 

How about anti-allergenic wool bedding?

Wool bedding is quite a rare choice. However, the fabric is all-natural, made from the hair coat of sheep, llamas, goats or other animals. It is an excellent choice, especially for allergy sufferers. It is covered with lanolin, and this substance sensationally fights dust mites, fungi or viruses. In addition, it is very nice to the touch, soft and has great thermal insulation properties. Many people think that it is not air permeable – nothing could be further from the truth. It works great both in summer and winter. 

Flannel bedding for winter

For those who belong to the cold – the ideal choice is flannel bedding. This fabric is very warm and nice to the touch. Its advantage is also undoubtedly durability. You can be sure that such pillowcases will serve us for years. 

Delicate silk bedding – perfect for sensitive people

Silk bedding is undoubtedly the most delicate. It works great in the summer, because it perfectly cools the skin. It also guarantees good ventilation and does not attract dust, which is especially important for allergy sufferers. According to some, it relaxes perfectly and allows you to relax.  

Satin bedding – ideal for hot weather

There is probably no better bedding for summer and hot nights than that sewn from good quality satin. The lightweight, pleasant to the touch material guarantees coolness, even though temperatures outside are quite high. The appearance of such bedding is also a plus. Satin looks elegant and luxurious, and the abundance of patterns allows you to match it to any interior. 

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