How to bring order to the garage?

How to bring order to the garage?
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The garage for many people has ceased to be just a place where you park your car. More and more often it is also a storage place for sports equipment, bicycles or tools. We suggest how to organize the garage in order to bring order and what can facilitate the storage of things in it.

The right furniture

Getting the right furniture will help you organize the storage of things in your garage. The amount of garage furniture available on the market is so large that everyone is sure to find the right garage shelving unit for them. You can find ones suitable for storing heavy loads and resistant to any kind of damage.

The best solution may turn out to be metal furniture. The most important advantage of metal furniture is that it is very durable, even for really heavy weights. This is why it will be suitable for storing at least cans of paint or equipment of various types. It is also a good idea to make sure that the furniture is not damaged or scratched, so you can be sure that it will serve you for many years.

If in the garage will be stored smaller loads, for example small tools or preserves, wooden furniture will be a good solution. It is also an excellent alternative for anyone who appreciates interesting appearance of the furniture, even those in the garage. Plastic furniture is also available on the market. However, they are far less resistant to scuffs and scratches than those made of metal.

Hangers and hooks

Wall-mounted metal hooks allow you to store cords or garden tools. It is advisable to place them in such a way that the most frequently used tools are always at hand. The advantage of hooks and hangers is that they take up very little space, while helping you store items that are difficult to hide or position.

If you store bikes in your garage, bike hangers are a great option. They save space in your garage and keep your bikes safe, as the hangers will keep them from bumping into other items.


Smaller tools and accessories are best stored in suitcases and toolboxes. You’ll often find toolboxes that allow you to properly organize the things you need most. You can also use fabric organizers that can be clipped to your belt. It is best to store what you need most often in such organizers.

Tool boards

This is the best solution for keeping smaller tools in order. The best way to keep smaller tools organized is to hang tool boards with pliers, screwdrivers, or wrenches, for example. You can also mount special boxes on them to place screws and nails.

Boxes and containers

Although you mainly store tools in your garage, you also need space for other things, like Christmas decorations, ornaments, souvenirs and anything else that doesn’t fit in your house. In such a situation, it’s a good idea to put them in lockable boxes that are easy to stack on top of each other or place in a closet. It’s a good idea to opt for transparent boxes so you can easily see what’s inside each one.

Organizing your space

To keep your garage tidy, it is necessary to follow an important rule. Namely, the most frequently used items should be in plain sight. All kinds of seasonal gear, so tents, ski equipment and beach accessories, should be on the top shelves. Some items can be packed in vacuum bags. In this case, it will be a good idea to properly label the bags or boxes so you know what goes where.

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