Does hybrid damage my nails?

Does hybrid damage my nails?
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Hybrid nails provide freedom and comfort, but are they really safe for our plate? If you want to know the answer to this question, you must read the article. We will also describe how to care for your nails, so that they were strong and had a beautiful color

Hybrid and nail plate

Many women avoid hybrid nail polishes in fear that they will damage the nail plate. This is a common myth, because not all stylists can properly apply the products, and some saw the nails too hard

A well done manicure leaves some primer on the surface of the plate. It is a product that is designed to degrease the surface of the nail and also increase the adhesion of the polish. It changes the pH, which makes the product adhere much better and does not chip. What is important, it is applied especially in case of people for whom only gel or acrylic stand the test of time. Thanks to leaving a thin layer of primer when removing the varnish with a file or milling machine you will not damage the actual plate.

It is also very important to choose recommended and professional nail design products. Cheaper primers and hybrid polishes may contain harmful substances that cause allergy. Hence the often repeated myth that hybrid polish is harmful to nails. To be sure that the product is not dangerous, it is necessary to read beforehand about its composition. Recommended companies have products with a short composition, dermatologically tested.For people with sensitive skin and thin nailsare recommended acid-free primers, which not only have a delicate smell, but are also milder, so they do not damage the nail plate.

How the nail stylist removes the old layer of hybrid polish is important. It is recommended to use a special file with higher gradation or a milling machine with two types of cutters. It’s a good idea to watch how the stylist removes the hybrid polish and whether he or she presses the cutter too hard on the nail plate

What can harm the nails during a hybrid manicure?

If you want your nails to be hard and not break, the technique of removing the old polish is very important. The nail plate can be damaged, for example by keeping them in acetone for too long. It is less work-consuming, but worse option to get rid of the previous styling. A professional stylist uses a special file or two paper files of different gradations or a cutter. The gradual removal of polish ensures that the hair plate is not damaged.

Too frequent change of the hybrid polish may also damage the hair plate. A visit to the beautician once every 2-3 weeks is enough

How to regenerate damaged nails?

We can find a cheaper, but not necessarily good nail stylist, so it is worth knowing how to regenerate nails after such a visit.

First of all, you should:

  • refrain from another nail design until the nail plate grows back;
  • apply daily natural oils, such as castor oil, to strengthen and moisturize nails;
  • use hand creams with nourishing ingredients such as silicon, zinc, vitamins A, B1 to strengthen nail structure
  • take care of proper diet rich in minerals – sunflower seeds, legumes and dried fruits will help. Do not forget about cereals and eggs, which have calcium among other things;
  • use conditioners with silicon and zinc to rebuild your nails. You can also shorten them a bit, so they can grow back until the next visit to the beauty salon. It’s important to file your nails properly – make sure they taper just past the stress line (where the fingertip ends). This makes it less likely that your nails will chip.

If you do your own hybrid manicure at home, don’t skimp on polish. Also, remember to remove your nails carefully with a cutter. If you’re not quite sure how to use it, reach for lanolin, which is much gentler for the plate in comparison to drying acetone.

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